Red carpet and velvet red ropes with stainless steel posts

Give your guests the VIP treatment and hire our Red Carpet package.

Featuring a 5 meter long velvet red carpet, 8 stainless steel posts, 7 velvet red ropes.

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Step right up and walk the walk with our elegant Red Carpet Hire in Essex!

Are you ready to make a grand entrance that will leave everyone in awe? Look no further than our exquisite red carpet hire in Essex!

Picture this: a luxurious 5 meter long red carpet, elegantly stretching out before you. As you step onto its plush velvet surface, your every footfall is cushioned by opulence and sophistication. Surrounding this magnificent pathway are gleaming chrome posts, adorned with sumptuous velvet red ropes. The combination of the rich crimson carpet against the polished metallic accents creates an atmosphere of pure glamour and prestige.

But wait, there's more! For those seeking an even grander display, we offer additional posts and a longer run of carpet for your utmost satisfaction. Whether it be for parties that demand attention or corporate events requiring an air of elegance, our red carpet hire will elevate any occasion to extraordinary heights.

Imagine walking down this regal walkway at proms or weddings - all eyes on you as you become the epitome of grace and style. Birthdays too can be transformed into unforgettable moments when celebrated amidst such opulent surroundings.

So why wait? Step onto our lavish red carpet and let us transport you into a world where dreams come true!

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